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A Living Trust is a powerful legal instrument designed to manage and distribute your assets during your lifetime and after your passing. Unlike a will, which goes through the probate process, a living trust allows for a smoother transition of assets to your chosen beneficiaries. At Home Trust, we specialize in crafting living trusts that align with your unique needs and preferences.

Our Seamless Process

At Home Trust, we adopt a personalized and comprehensive approach to Living Trusts. Our experts come to your home, ensuring a tailored consultation that captures your unique wishes. From document preparation to secure distribution, our goal is to create a Living Trust that serves as a testament to your legacy.

Initiating your Living Trust with Home Trust is a seamless process. We guide you through the steps, always emphasizing the importance of understanding your estate planning goals.

The Home-Trust Approach

1. Personalized Consultation

We believe in a client-centric approach. Our CEO, Marco Marani, leads a team that prioritizes understanding your individual circumstances. We come to your home, providing a comfortable setting to discuss your estate planning goals. This personalized consultation ensures that your living trust is not a generic document but a tailored solution.

2. Tailored Document Preparation

After thorough discussions, we assist you in creating a living trust that comprehensively addresses your desires. This includes incorporating advanced directives with specific language, such as “pull the plug” provisions, to cover your healthcare wishes. Our goal is to capture every nuance of your preferences in a legally sound manner.

3. Efficient Notarization and Document Handling

Our experienced team manages the notarization, witnessing, and signing processes with utmost efficiency. We understand the importance of these steps in validating your living trust. Once completed, we organize all relevant documents into a secure PDF format.

4. Client Testimonials and Legacy Recording

As part of our commitment to preserving your legacy, we offer the opportunity for clients to express their wishes on camera. This recorded testimony not only serves as a personal touch but also allows you to communicate your life story, dreams, and aspirations to future generations.

6. Tax and Financial Optimization

Working with Home Trust means more than just legal assistance. Our work has resulted in tangible financial benefits for our clients. We are proud to have helped many individuals avoid unnecessary taxes and navigate complex financial considerations.

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